Another Guest Speaker: Ana López, Head of Digital Marketing at Estrella Damm

We had another guest speaker this week who provided yet another perspective on the brand-marketing industry these days. Ana López manages the digital marketing team at Estrella Damm — the popular Mediterranean beer produced in Barcelona. This specific beer is known to be all about “…music and culture, good food, and fun times with friends,” as López pointed out to us in class. The brand has not always communicated these ideas as well as it does today. It was with creativity, determination and somewhat risky level of marketing experimentation that López was able to achieve such a successful relationship between the brand and the public.

In the summer of 2009, Estrella Damm released a 3-minute-long music video on YouTube. The video featured a Swedish band that no one had really heard of and a simple storyline that captured a close group of friends on a vacation in Formentera. The impact was huge. The 3-minute clip accumulated 2,500,000 views, brand awareness increased by a whopping 225%, and Formentera became the most popular travel destination of the year. Before this, Estrella Damm did not have a significant social media presence. Now, the company has captivated millions of people online and successfully created an association between Estrella Damm and sun, fun, and other aspects of a relaxing Mediterranean lifestyle. The video can be viewed below:

This Estrella Damm marketing strategy involving YouTube is a testament to the power that social media has when it comes to establishing a brand in the public eye. An impactful YouTube presence proved to be a key factor in increasing the brand’s popularity not just during the summer of 2009, but also in summers after that as well. It has become a tradition for the beer company to release a fresh video every summer, as it is an integral contribution to the growth of the Damm fanbase. In 2015, Estrella Damm released a YouTube video with Hollywood sensation, Dakota Johnson this time amassing 6,500,000 views and a brand awareness increase by 5% in Spain and 30% in the UK. The 10-minute video can be viewed below:

And just like that, Estrella Damm had developed a significant social media presence not only in Spain, but also across the world. Just as López stated during her presentation, the marketing team now had to think about the message it was sending through the YouTube videos even more carefully since they were able to reach a much wider audience. The communication of the beer’s ideals and brand characteristics became even more successful now that people from all around the world were able to get a glimpse of the laid-back and enjoyable “Mediterranean lifestyle.”

Ana López’s story is similar to Valentí Sanjuan’s in that they both show that YouTube is an important part of a brand’s marketing success. Other social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter then supplement the image and story that a brand portrays over YouTube videos—even 3-minute long ones with unknown bands. Marketing campaigns that utilize social media websites tap into communities of people that can view, appreciate and share the image of a brand. It has been so interesting to learn about the craftsmanship that lies behind the creation of a name—whether it is a Mediterranean beer company or an adventurous marathon runner such as Sanjuan. These stories shed light on the important skills and knowledge that marketing strategists must have in order to contribute to making a positive impact on a brand’s reputation.


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